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Parc des industries Artois-Flandres
64 rue Marcel Cabiddu
Tél : 03 21 08 60 86
Fax : 03 21 69 58 00
Mail : contact [at] siziaf . com

Equipment, development, facilities

The Estate was designed for industry and its architects imagined it on a grand scale ! Take the water recycling unit, for instance. Currently the unit treats a volume corresponding to that of 15000 users, whereas the total capacity is twice that amount. Thus the Estate is able to accomodate many more firms. And the entire equipment is adapted to the Estate’s dimensions :

  • Energy :
    - A high powered electric circuit (MT : 20000 volts and HT between 63000 and 90000 volts)
    - A high pressure gas circuit
    - Liquid oxygen and hydrogen
  • Access :
    - Direct link to the motorways A1, A21, A26 via dual carriageway
    - Possibility of direct link to wide canal
    - Rail link to National Rail Network
  • Water treatment :
    - On site water treatment (certified ISO 14 001) enabling recycling of 4500m3 per day
  • Communication :
    - Each company has access to broadband Internet with free choice of provider
  • Drinking water :
    - The Estate’s total capacity is a maximum of 1300m3 per day
  • Daily management of the site
    - Watchdog service is ensured at night and at weekends
    - Maintenance of the access roads and public lighting are guaranteed

Do you have plans to develop your activity, to expand, for sustainable development ?
All these needs can be met by the technicians of the SIZIAF : obtaining finance, finding partners, technical aid with building a unit, assistance with waste management, certification ISO 14 001.

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