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Parc des industries Artois-Flandres
64 rue Marcel Cabiddu
Tél : 03 21 08 60 86
Fax : 03 21 69 58 00
Mail : contact [at] siziaf . com

Estate Management

On the Industrial Estate, management rhymes with environment. Several services have been set up so as to maintain a clear, safe and well-kept environment.

  • Maintenance of the green areas
    The 32 hectares of public green areas are maintained regularly. Maintenance of the roads and public street lamps
    The roads are repaired as soon as a problem occurs (potholes, deterioration of the road surface) and the street lamps are checked regularly. Repairs can be made if sollicited by a company (road repairs, faulty lighting).
  • Cleanliness
    Rubbished is picked up regularly for maximum cleanliness.
  • Security
    A watchdog service is ensured at nights and at weekends all over the Estate.
  • Drinking water
    Production and distribution of drinking water is carried out on the site and is checked regularly.
  • Water recycling and rain water recovery
    The treatment of industrial water and rain water is carried out on the Estate by an efficient water recycling unit and successful management of the network.

In addition to the questions of daily management, several services are available to companies with a view to sustainable development :

  • Environmental advice to companies :
    - On setting up : architectural advice, ICPE applications (initial analysis of the site)
    - On a daily basis, waste management, water recycling, Environmental Management System, green areas.
  • Development Project for companies :
    A programme has been conceived to vary the means of transport to the Estate (cycling, on foot, car sharing).
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